Episode 68

The Logic Trap: Biden Spars with Ryan


May 17th, 2020

32 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

How have Joe Biden's debating tactics changed over the years, and what has made him persuasive in the eyes of his supporters? In the 2012 VP debates with Paul Ryan, he dominated the airtime and played up to the sympathies of the moderator.

Listen to this episode as we break down:

  • The rhetorical burden that Joe Biden places on his listeners by asking questions with a certain persuasive bend in them.
  • The brilliant logic trap that Paul Ryan sets in a tactic commonly used by trial attorneys.
  • A practical look at how pacing and leading creates rapport not just with the audience, but with the neutral moderator.
  • Transition phrases, ending phrases, and how Biden ensures that he has the last word.
  • Republicans need to take more responsibility? How the script gets flipped.
  • And more!

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