Episode 63

Commander Cuomo's Spin: The NY Presser


April 3rd, 2020

35 mins 32 secs

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About this Episode

Have you ever seen a politician confuse the reporters so much they can't even remember what question they wanted to ask? Listen to Gov. Cuomo as he artfully spins away from questions that the reporters ask him, leading you to see why he has been so popular in recent weeks.

In this episode:

  • A super confusing language game that Cuomo plays with reporters, hypnotically confusing them and making them forget what they thought they were saying
  • Why Cuomo believes the "1918" Spanish Flu pandemic can't tell us much about what we should do today
  • Changing the scope of a reporter's question in order to use the tactical device of outframing
  • Why are we rolling back regulations when that is a republican priority, not a democratic one?
  • Analogies being used in everyday conversation and how imagery can make an idea seem more fleshed out
  • "I swear it to you" and why this type of appeal seems to bolster claims of fair play
  • And more!

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