Episode 55

Trial or Error: Trump's Impeachment Begins


January 27th, 2020

28 mins 4 secs

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About this Episode

When it comes to the trial of the highest office of the land, will the American people get a fair trial? Listen as master persuaders use direction of attention to convince you of the right decision, or the wrong one.

Listen to this episode to discover:

  • Why the Republicans are so intent as framing the debate as having the same rules as "the Clinton impeachment"
  • The key maneuver of how politicians give the illusion of control and yet hold true power just outside arm's reach
  • Examples of words that are used to expand, and limit, the scope of someone's attention, and how this is a common tactic used by magicians
  • How one of the lawyers uses a core hypnotic device made famous by the renegade psychiatrist, Milton Erickson
  • The perfect trifecta of high crimes and misdemeanors, and what the constitution has to say about it
  • The fraudulent call that Adam Schiff described, and what really happened.
  • And more!

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(Theme Music: "Night Owl" by Broke For Free from Free Music Archive, CC BY 3.0)

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