Episode 52

Knocking Down the Ivory Tower: The Republicans Respond


January 3rd, 2020

37 mins 4 secs

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About this Episode

How do Republicans deal with highly educated ivy league legal scholars telling them the president should be impeached? We hear from three House Republicans who vehemently fight back against witnesses and use rhetorical tricks to grab the upper hand.

Listen to this episode for:

  • Who the Republicans consider to be "fact witnesses" and why Adam Schiff is on the list
  • Temporal (time-based) language predicates and how to use them to create persuasive "if, then" loops
  • The psychological driver of Commitment and Consistency and how it is being used to drive agreement among supporters of the president.
  • How a simple vocal shift can make it seem like you are highly intelligent and know what you are talking about
  • Using legal-based language that sounds more commonplace to force the left-leaning law professors to agree even though they didn't want to
  • The demation and slander polities of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson
  • And more!

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