Episode 50

Prison Reform and Immigration Policy of Pete Buttieg


December 11th, 2019

26 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

Why is a mid-western white guy starting to become more popular with churchgoing black voters? Join us as we examine Pete Buttigieg's presidential speech at Rev. William Barber's Greensboro church.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The reframing technique of frame busting and how you can use it to influence and persuade
  • Why Mayor Pete has not resonated with minorities in the past, and whether his current strategy is enough to get him more votes from a critical demographic
  • A thematic story featuring an immigrant, ICE, and how Pete's policies saved the day in South Bend
  • How one feel-good policy regarding a prison system lacks critical merit and how he manages to convince the crowd of his authenticity
  • An Ericksonian hypnosis device that you can practice yourself with your friends, relatives, and work colleagues, all while seeming to have a normal conversation

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