Episode 36

Meeting with the Mayor


June 26th, 2019

1 hr 16 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

An upcomer in the Democratic primaries, Pete Buttigieg, recently did an interview with Margaret Brennan of CBS's Face the Nation. We are able in this episode to understand how Mayor Pete has gained so much traction in the race due to his midwestern style of communicating and how he uses metaphors and values. In this episode learn:

  • Why Pete says we need "new voices" and how it relates to one irrevocable quality of a candidate
  • How he has been pushed to be more progressive and why Bernie Sanders is a sticky subject
  • Why politicians are trained from day 1 to avoid horse race questions and instead pivot to this strength
  • Freedom "To" do something vs Freedom "From" something, and which he uses most
  • Playing with time - Future pacing and the ladder backward technique
  • How climate change has become a Democratic talking point on security issues
  • Joe Biden's big mistake according to Mayor Pete
  • How we represent the world: Seeing, Hearing, and ... Tasting?
  • The ways to have better wages, a better standard of living, and a better social fabric.
  • What "Feeling like Americans" really means
  • Pete's biggest weakness that is revealed in this interview
  • And more!

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