Episode 27

State of The Union


February 17th, 2019

1 hr 19 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

What distinguishes a State of the Union address from other speeches? While we have talked in the past about Donald Trump's many styles depending on whom he is addressing and where, this one may take the cake.

In this episode we analyze his address, and take a listen to the Democratic response by Stacey Abrams from Georgia. You will learn:

  • Why Donald Trump is now taking instructions from progressives about how to give speeches
  • How historical call-backs elicit warm feelings of safety and togetherness
  • The call for unity of "two becoming one" and what it means metaphorically
  • What Trump took from Obama, including one part from our intro
  • Pacing current experience and how it develops and deepens rapport
  • The two part verb-noun combo that wins every time in creating artfully vague language, and how to do it yourself if you'd like to use it
  • Two different takes on the American economy. Is it true we are experiencing an economic miracle?
  • Pre-frames and innoculation that will later be used as persuasive tools in future speeches
  • How starting a story at the beginning versus the middle of a speech affects persuasive impact
  • And much more!

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