Episode 22

Mid-Term Victory Speeches, Part 2


December 9th, 2018

46 mins 31 secs

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About this Episode

We're here for part-two of our series on mid-term victory speeches, and for those loyal listeners we hope you are starting to notice some themes. In this episode we are breaking down two speeches.

The first is actually a concession speech given by Beto O'Rourke, and the second is "not a victory speech – a vision" by Ayanna Presley, who won a house race in Massachusetts. Listen to this episode to find out:

  • How candidates reference vast groups of people and, in doing so, use the hypnotic device of covering all possibilities
  • What science has to tell us about why metaphorical frameworks are so compelling, and how they relate to our early sensorimotor experiences
  • How cursing or using swear words is interpreted by the brain, and why some politicians can get away with it while others don't
  • The "Escalator" tonality and how to use it
  • Our take on what Beto is preparing for next
  • Borrowing from previous speeches and even literary works as a way of increasing a message's persuasion factor
  • Creating a shared history with the audience, virtue-framing, and more!

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