Episode 14

Weekend at Bernie's, with Special Guest Sean Ward

August 17th, 2018

1 hr 19 mins 42 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode

In the 2016 primaries, Bernie Sanders became a major contender and came close to being the Democratic nominee for President. He ran with the intention of pushing the party further left, and some would say he succeeded. In this episode we sit down with Sean Ward, 2016 Bernie Staffer in 4 states and Deputy Organizing Director for Hillary in Nevada, to talk about Bernie; his success, and answers to questions that are rarely asked, including:

  • Which neuroscience-based persuasion tools Bernie used repeatedly
  • Why Bernie's speeches were recited almost exactly the same as the last speech and if this was the most effective way to do it
  • If the Bernie campaign treated its people with the same values that the public would have expected
  • How "revolutionary" messages, like the ones Sanders' campaign suggested, aren't always appealing to people of color and other groups
  • Bernie's attitude towards Hillary Clinton and how his comments on her should have been made differently
  • Stories from the campaign trail from Sean and Alex
  • How the public "falls in love with" political candidates
  • And much more!

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